Behind the Scenes

The idea for this short fashion film evolved from Tim Daukes, a friend and a very talented director and producer offering to create a film for my new multi brand store project. I had just returned from Paris where I had discovered Terekhov during fashion week.

I had fallen in love with the collection, and the designer, and decided I must have the brand in the store. The dresses were breathtaking. Having stumbled into their showroom suite at Le Bristol hotel I stayed for hours placing an order on the spot. The dresses were so cinematic that we decided that the best theme for a short fashion film would be to introduce Terekhov to London through a sensual and enigmatic visual journey.

Next step was choosing a muse. After I sent Alexander a list of potential stars we both agreed that no one can portray the brand better than Kristina Romanova. Kristina's divine beauty perfectly interprets what the brand stands for and completes the film in the most perfect way.

The result is the ultimate grungy fairy tale that captures the glamour of Terekhov, juxtaposed against London's urban scene. The film creates an atmosphere that hypnotises the viewer, taking them on a journey across town with the most beautiful girl in the world, wearing the most beautiful dresses ever created. Tim is also a musician and he composed and recorder the soundtrack from scratch, and after months of post production with obsessive attention to every detail...

VOILA! We have a perfect little masterpiece.

- With love, Masha

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