Masha Hanson, the woman behind the brand speaks about what it stands for. Former model, Columbia University graduate and a fashion entrepreneur that's fluent in five languages answers most posed questions about 29 Lowndes. 
How did you curate the 29 Lowndes designer selection?
- My curation is based on personal taste combined with the accessibility that the brands offer in the UK market. When I opened the store in February 2017 Alexandre Vauthier was not represented in London, David Koma was only sold in one other store. Redemption, Terekhov and Francesco Scognamiglio still can only be found at 29 Lowndes in London. I felt there was a gap in the market for these brands and also I personally love them and wanted to make them more accessible for myself as well as the clients. 
What is the concept behind 29 Lowndes?
- 29 Lowndes harbours a wide range from each designer, it is almost like we have a concession for each designer we represent. I like buying wide because it gives a more complete representation of each brand and makes it easier to combine pieces. The idea is to make a woman look her best, bring out a slightly wild side; glamour and timelessness are big themes behind the 29 Lowndes concept. 
Why did you decide to take 29 Lowndes online? 
- We have a lot of international clients that are familiar with the Belgravia store but have several homes and constantly travel. We do most of the transactions by phone during some months. The online platform is an answer to the customer demand. It is still a very small online boutique, incomparable to giants like Matches and Net-a-Porter, but at the same time I feel like it is easier to shop when you don't have such vast selection and just a few key brands to choose from. It is a start and I want to ensure quality service and make it more personable at least at the early stages. I hope the loyalty of our clients will help us grow. 
Do you plan to expand the brand range? 
- I only take on a brand if I really believe in personally and would wear it myself and also if it's not widely available. My recent find was Fannie Schiavoni, her metal dresses slightly resemble Paco Rabanne but the prices are much more accessible and I love the fit and her vision. Also I've just taken Azzaro, a 50 year old label that is having a revival moment in my opinion, I hope to get a positive client reaction because it's a brand with great history and aesthetic. When I just opened the store Redemption was a bit of a gamble considering how wide and deep I bought, it was a virtually unknown label when I took it on. I am enamoured by the aesthetic and quality of this brand, Redemption is my biggest discovery so far. I definitely plan to expand but slowly and as I discover brands that I resonate with. 
Who is the 29 Lowndes woman?
- 29 Lowndes woman is any woman who dares to stand out from the crowd, be sexy and true to her style and not constantly fluctuating trends. This is who we cater for, also the clients' demand teaches me a lot about what 29 Lowndes woman wants to wear, the sexier and more standoffish the item is the quicker it sells. Our clients are really not afraid to be different and turn heads wherever they go. As long as there's a party to go to we're in business! 
What inspires you as the owner and curator of 29 Lowndes? 
- I'm passionate about what I do and I oversee every single detail myself. I do the buying on my own because I have this instinctual ability to know what will sell and don't want a second opinion to disrupt or deviate me. I'm really excited about going to buy new collections, it is thrilling because I feel very strongly about every brand we represent. I love art directing and styling our photo shoots and creating the 29 Lowndes vision. My favourite project was creating a short film about Alexander Terekhov's AW17 collection starring my close friend and top model Kristina Romanova, you can see it and read more about it on the site's archive section. Creativity is my passion. 
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