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Magdalena Frackowiak Jewelry

Made exclusively in Poland by the finest jewelers, Magdalena's jewelry celebrates the sensuality and elegance of women. Crafted by hand using traditional techniques such as lost wax casting, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation bearing an artisan’s singular markings. From creation to completion, her collection reflects her personal commitment to bring you artistry and joy.

Alexander Terekhov

Alexander Terekhov one of the most successful fashion brands in Russia. In 1999, still a student of the Moscow Institute of Fashion and Design Alexander Terekhov ranks second place in the contest "Russian Silhouette". Having graduated from the Moscow Institute of Fashion & Design, Terekhov immediately sets off to Paris for his training with legendary Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent. The brand Alexander Terekhov women's clothing has been known since 2004, and from 2006 to 2009 is the only Russian participant in The New York Fashion Week.

Maison Ravn

Passionate about fabrics, their incredible histories, and the beauty of their temporal imperfections, the Norwegian designer has always gathered extraordinary fabrics from collectors all over the world. With these treasures, she has created a unique range of Maison Ravn bags. Each bag combines the most precious fabrics with the rarest skins and leathers, often painted by hand.

David Koma

David Koma is a georgian born, London based fashion designer who has become synonymous with the ultra body contouring silhouette. creating sculptural statement dresses inspired by the feminine form, it is this design element that has projected the young designer onto the international stage.

Jack Vartanian

Since 1999, Jack Vartanian has created fine jewelry collections infused with a unique blend of tradition, sophistication and avant-garde design. Vartanian's passion for precious stones comes from his family long standing tradition in the gemstone trade. The Vartanian family business provided an early exposure and practical training for the designer. Jack began working in the jewelry industry as a teenager, developing his design skills at an early age.

Hadid Eyewear

A tight knit family that is synonymous with style, sunglasses have always been a staple at Hadid family outings. While each family member has its' own eclectic taste, there has always been an underlying understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Naturally, the idea became clear and Hadid eyewear, a family brand, was born. Combining classic style with modern fashion and functionality, Hadid eyewear blends the individual style of each family member with beautifully crafted frames made from the highest quality materials.

Alexandre Vauthier

Soon after his graduation, Alexandre Vauthier joined the design studio of Thierry Mugler, who supported him and taught him thoroughness of the construction of the garment. Later he joined Jean-Paul Gaultier as head designer of the couture collection and eventually launched his own brand in 2009. His natural need of preciseness and rigor and his radical cuts is expressed through a style inspired by his french culture and his anglo-saxon influences.

Francesco Scognamiglio

Francesco Scognamiglio has slowly but surely built a name for himself. Born in Pompeii in 1975, Scognamiglio is now based in Milan, where he consistently blends a background and knowledge in classically beautiful tailoring with high-fashion contemporary design. It is always a strong, unforgettable mix that ensures each piece will remain a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Racine Carrée

Racine Carrée (“square root”) is the abstraction of the double “V” that represents the name of the Neapolitan designer Viviana Vignola. Having grown up amongst the smell of the finest leathers and the most exclusive materials in the family tannery, Viviana left her career in law to follow her instinct to create shoes that merge the highest quality with the most sophisticated techniques.


Made in Italy Ready to Wear Fashion Brand, and designer and producer of one of a kind hand made choppers. We donate half of our net profits to carefully selected charitable foundations. Be a messenger of the Redemption, and wear your causes!

Ruslan Baginsky


Designed in London and constructed in Lithuania using non-toxic materials, each garment empowers and enhances through the points of the Silou triangle; Balance, Movement and Style. Silou’s mindful manufacturing forms pieces that do so much more than artistically enhance the female silhouette. They speak for ethical values. A commitment to making well thought out decisions along a well walked path.

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Ten Must Have Items For Men

By Hasher Marouf

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Trust me, you don’t need to waste a lot of money in order to make yourself looks fashionable. You only need these 10 basic items, a mix-and-matching skills, and a big badass confidence!

Open your closet and lets check your collection! Do you have…

1. Black formal suit

Invest a little more here, this black formal suit gonna save you in every formal ocassions. Simply, sleek, yet stylish. There’s nothing else I can say.

2. Denim

Preferably dark denim. But light color and faded denim will be just fine if you think you look good on it. Choose one kind of denim that fits you best. Whether it’s skinny, flare, or straight cut. It doesn’t have to be raw Nudie or APC, anyway.

3. Polo Shirt

Dark color will always be your safest bet but today, light is the new dark. Yes you will look good on mustard, light green, even pink! Confidence is the key, it doesn’t have to be branded. Let’s forget Lacoste and Fred Perry for a while.

4. Chino/Khaki Pants

Classic item with classic color. It goes with almost everything. You can wear it with shirts, tees, polos, anything. It might be a perfect replacement when you start to get enough of your denim.

5. Shoes

Four types of shoes that can save your lives are formal leather shoes, sneakers, loafers, and chukka/desert boots. you will always have options for each and every ocassion!

6. Shirts

Short sleeve, long sleeve, plain, plaid, stripes, gingham, denim, any kind of shirt that suits your style. White plain long sleeves is the most important though.

7. Jacket

From hoodies to sweaters. Leather to denim. Bomber to biker. Varsity to blazer. Any kind of your signature jacket will do.

8. Band T-shirt

I don’t have to say that this one is important, but I believe you already owned at least 3 tees inside your closet, right? Band tee is one simple item to boost your coolness. Pick one (or more) of your favorite band. Ramones? AC/DC? The Beatles? Daft Punk? Coldplay? Anything!

9. Tie

Complete your wardrobe with silk tie. You just never know how much you’ll need this thing. Choose a basic pattern. So you can pair it with your patterned shirts (ie : plaids/ginghams) as well.

10. Bermuda/Cargo Shorts

Give you an instant stylish vibe at casual occasion. Try to pair it with your band tee, layer it with denim shirt, then slip your moccasin on. Awesome! With this items in your ‘arsenal’ you will never lose ‘the fashion war’ again ! So keep mix and match-ing & keep fashionable lads! ^^

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